Newborn sessions should not bring on anxiety or worry about what to bring or how your little ones will behave! My goal is to make this time as simple and *relaxing* (is that even a thing these days?) as possible. The goal is for your new baby to be sleepy and calm throughout the session and to do that we use white noise, a warm cozy room, and gentle movement and posing. I have a relaxed and flexible approach to sessions since the ones in charge are newborns! We take breaks to snuggle, bottle feed, or nurse whenever baby needs it. There are a few things you can do to help make the process easier:

1. Please dress baby in something with a zipper or snaps up the front. The goal is to not have to wake baby if they are sleeping upon arrival by pulling things over their head etc. The easiest outfit to undress is the best! Please pack a 2nd outfit and extra diapers in case of messes during the session.

2. Most newborns don't fit very well in store bought clothes so I typically will wrap a baby for portraits so they remain snuggled. If you prefer to bring an outfit for a family picture please bring one that is plain/simple (white onesie or neutral/organic/earthy colors) that match or coordinate with your outfits and aren't distracting from that sweet little face. Please also bring one that fits as snuggly as possible so there isn't a bulk of fabric.

3. Please feed baby immediately before leaving home or plan to feed baby (as long as a full and relaxed feeding is less than 20 minutes) when arriving to the studio. This will help them to digest and arrive with a full and relaxed tummy and to be calm and maybe even asleep to start!

4. If you are a nursing momma, it might be wise to avoid trying NEW foods or spicy, acidic, caffeinated, or even dairy for 24-48 hours prior to the session. These foods often will bother a new baby's belly and might cause for some fussiness which we would like to avoid so that we can get the best and most relaxed pictures that we can. If you notice your baby reacts easily to foods that you eat, these are some foods that are suggested to eat minimally: dairy, gassy foods like broccoli or cauliflower, beans, spicy foods like onions or garlic, caffeine (don't forget chocolate!), acidic foods like pasta sauce, eggs and nuts, or alcohol.

5. If you are using bottles and plan to bring them to the session please bring *extra*! Sometimes babies will comfort feed during a session because they are unfamiliar or need the comfort that comes from sucking. They might need an extra bottle or just to know its available with little bits here and there. Sessions can range from 1.5-3.5 hours or so. Plan for that amount of time plus an extra bottle.

6. Please bring a binky/pacificer. I understand that not everyone uses them and if you are strongly opposed to it then I completely understand and you can just nicely let me know. However, like I said above, babies often like to comfort suck when they are unfamiliar and need to know momma is nearby. There are times where they might be just about settled into a pose and just having that feeling of the nipple of a pacifier next to their lips for a second or two will allow them to relax and fall back asleep. I don't want to rely on it or us either long enough to cause nipple confusion- just have it available as a crutch at times that might allow us to keep baby relaxed and not over-feed.

7. DUE TO COVID, please plan to arrive with a way to bring big siblings home after they are done with their pictures so that there is as little risk involved as possible. I wear a mask the entire session and hand wash frequently as well. My studio is a separate room in my home where my family does not spend time. My family is taking as much precaution as possible to avoid sharing anything with others. The studio is thoroughly and safely disinfected following each session and prior to a new session for the sake of my family and yours. If you or anyone in your family is experiencing any of the many symptoms of COVID-19 OR if you were exposed or believe you may have been exposed to someone who is positive, inform me and we can simply reschedule when everyone is well or tests negative. I will provide the same courtesy to you and your family. This is a very uncertain time and we take it very seriously because we know that how much we love and want to protect our babies is the same way you do. I will never be frustrated by a reschedule or cancellation on the account of safety. If you have any questions or concerns about the above suggestions please let me know!

Here is what your session will look like from start to finish!

When you arrive, if baby needs to eat you can make yourself comfortable and give baby a relaxed, full feeding (If baby is a very slow eater please try to feed before arriving). If baby is ready to go he or she will rest in their carseat while I welcome you to our space and show you what I have chosen for backdrops etc. If you are planning on family portraits we will start with these so that you can then sit and relax! If you are bringing big siblings for family and sibling pictures we will take this part a little bit slower. If they are hesitant, we can play for a few minutes until we are comfortable with one another. If they need to see how the lights and camera work first before they stand before it, I can show them or being photographing their new baby sibling first. I have 3 of my own little ones and I know that they are each their own person and make their own choices and have their own feelings depending on the scenario and the situation they are in. My goal is to get the smiling at the camera portraits of your children together and you will see I will do everything in my power to help us achieve this goal however there are times where my power is used up and in that case we will do what we can to get candids or whatever we can. Just be prepared that I will try my very hardest but kids are kids and sometimes it doesn't work. After family pictures, siblings and dad can go home or somewhere to spend some time together while mom and I finish the session with just baby. I use white noise and a space heater to make the space as comfortable for baby as possible. You can relax and watch as we create some beautiful images to remember of your new little one.

Have any questions?

Call, text, or email me any time!

(well during the week days, of course! At bedtime or on weekends when we have family things
planned I might be less attached to my phone.)

Can't wait to meet your newest family member!