S Family

This session fed my soul. The golden summer sunlight and an untouched field of wildflowers is a recipe for beautiful creativity! To add to that, three sweet sisters in their cream dresses and flower halos and their mom and dad who couldn't love them more. They were a family that didn't mind snuggling in the tall grass, playing silly games just to hear the giggles, and chasing down the sun to the last minutes of sunset.
There is something sweet about sisters. I am one of 5- the oldest and we all played our role. My youngest sister is ten years younger and I've always felt more like a mom to her, worrying over her and looking out for her. Growing up we had so many sibling fights but since flying from our nest we have become the best of friends. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't talk to at least one of them. These sisters were so sweet towards one another. They had gentle souls and while I'm sure their mom would attest to the sibling arguments and disagreements I can see their friendship is something sweet and deep. It was such a joy to see the way they looked at each other and made each other smile or the way they giggled as they ran around playing games. We had so much fun! It reminded me a bit of my younger days playing outside until our mom called us in for dinner.
As we were leaving I had asked about the beautiful old homestead that was at the bottom of the field and their mom explained that it was family property. The homestead was once lived in by grandparents passed and although it wasn't in a state to be lived in now it was so beautiful sitting there painted by the golden sun as if it was a book filled with treasured stories. Of course we had to capture it and I just love how they tell a tale. Those are my favorite images. The ones that make a complete stranger search for the story or gives them a little insight into what's being shared.
​What a beautiful evening it was!

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