Children & Family Sessions

I am a mom of 3 and have first hand witnessed how quickly children grow. There are definitely days I wish would cruise right on by but for the most part, I already miss their childhood even while we're in the middle of it. My kids ask me constantly why I always want to take pictures however at the same time they love looking through old pictures whether they are on my phone or computer or printed in albums. They love seeing themselves as babies and they remember the moments we captured!
Photography isn't just for you to have. It's for them. This is how their life is documented and they need you to be documented too- with them! Our family makes it a point to have family pictures taken every year and I'll be honest; it's not a day I am always excited for. The stress of picking out outfits and hoping my children behave paints a daunting picture on the experience but when those pictures come back to me... it was all worth it. I don't even care how I looked or if they lost their cool for a few minutes and got overly goofy. The memories are precious regardless and possibly even more so when they genuinely reflect their sillies- their pout faces- and their boundless energy.

My approach to family sessions is more documentary. We start off structured with some smiling at the camera portraits and then we play some games that capture more genuine interaction and joy. We have fun!