My name is Aly and I am a photographer in Southern Delaware.

Let me tell you a little about myself!

I feel so incredibly blessed to be doing what I know I was created to do. How do I know this? I love it so much! I owned my first camera at the age of 2- made by Fisher Price (don't worry- I've upgraded my gear quite a bit since then). I almost always wish that I had a built in camera like an extra limb or a third eye so that I never miss a moment. I honestly cannot tell you how many times in a day I look at a scene and analyze the light to envision how I would compose an image that tells part of my story. I believe in and search for the connection between the photograph and the memory it creates every time I click the shutter and I have experienced times in my life where all that we had left were photographs. These times can be hard but the only thing that made them easier were the moments captured that we could hold onto that brought life back to us: emotions- feelings. I am committed to providing these memories for you to be handed down generations and always bring you right back to the emotions deeply embedded in each image the moment they were captured. I truly believe that there is no excuse worthy enough to not being in photographs yourself and I strive to convince anyone and everyone how important it is to EXIST in photographs - if not for our own sake, for the sake of those who love us. I of course need to remember this myself but I do regularly sneak in front of the camera and I never ever regret it. I love that my children will have pictures of themselves cuddling with me or doing our favorite family activities to hold onto forever and to look back and feel the love I have for them.

I am a mom of two little boys and a baby girl who light up my entire world and I am blessed by an amazing God with a loving husband who I couldn't do any of this life without. When i'm not with my camera you will most likely find me eating ice cream or making s'mores under the stars with my family (I love food), cuddling up with a movie (usually Disney, Star Wars, or Avengers), or walking the beach looking for treasures from the sea. Our family moved to Sussex County, Delaware in 2019 simply for a good adventure and we love everything about it.

I started photography in high school where I learned manual film photography which ignited this passion and created the foundation for my technique and style. My excitement and love for photography hasn't changed since - if anything it has only grown immensely. I love celebrating life with you all - the new tiny person you created or are welcoming into your family, the milestones leading up to their first year, the day you say "I do", and the endless childhood giggles that come with running barefoot and playing in the evening sun. I love getting to know people- hearing the stories of where they came from and how they got to where they are. If only we all had the pieces of our stories in hand to create the beautiful mosaic that each life really is!

Thank you for considering me to be a part of helping to tell your story.